Meal Plans at Pitzer

Meal Plans & Rates

On Campus Residents
All students who live on campus are required to be on the 16 or 12 board plan. Residents of Mead Hall Z Tower (equipped with kitchenettes) and residents of Pitzer’s off campus apartments have the option of applying to be off the board plan or enrolling in the 5 meal plan.

Off Campus Students
All students living off campus have the option of enrolling in any board plan.

Changes to your Meal Plan
Students wishing to change their board plan may request a change during the first full week of classes each semester. No changes are permitted after this time. Changes are made with the Office of Student Affairs.

Board Plan Options – 2017-2018  Academic Year

BOARD Semester Academic Year
16 Meal Plan (includes $160 Flex Dollars) $3,443 $6,886
12 Meal Plan (includes $120 Flex Dollars) $3,162 $6,324
5 Meal Plan (Off Campus Students only) $1,325 $2,650

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