Weighty Matters

A New Kind of New Year’s Resolution


Happy New Year! A fresh, new year, full of promise, resplendent with opportunity…rife with anxiety. Let’s admit it: Many of the resolutions we all set in the New Year are goals we set every year.

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Eating Healthy in the Workplace


The workplace can be one of the biggest saboteurs of eating healthy. It’s where many of us spend the majority of our days, and from working lunches, office candy jars, and celebrations, it’s easy for unwanted calories to sneak in without even realizing it. Pair that with a sedentary desk job and you have a recipe for packing on extra pounds.

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Managing Your Weight? Who Isn’t…

FFYWB_6 – Energy Balance_CBA

For most, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight involves lifestyle modifications of healthy eating, physical activity, and behavior changes such as managing stress and getting enough sleep.

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The Hype on Whole Grains

Healthy Quinoa Pilaf

In recent years, grains have been quite the controversial food category. From books like “Wheat Belly” or “Grain Brain” to popular diets that eliminate grains like Whole 30 and The Paleo Diet, it may seem like grains are the cause of all health problems. For most people, however, whole grains are part of a healthy diet.

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